It’s NOT Jihad!

Apt post in light of the furore over ISIS

Mohamed Ghilan


Presentation1When cold-blooded murder is looked at as a matter of “difference in opinion” by Muslims, and thugs are considered to be on an honourable mission of Jihad, we shouldn’t be shocked that not only non-Muslims, but also some Muslims are abandoning what seems like a mad religion. To make matters worse, even Muslims who are appalled by the gruesome actions of these criminal bandits in Syria feel apprehensive when they read a condemnation of their actions by a fellow Muslim. For some reason they feel conflicted between their desire to get rid of Bashar Al Asad and his gang, and their shocked incomprehension of how bloodbaths like this one in Jarabulus could take place.

Many have been so blinded by their desire to get rid of Al Asad that they no longer have any principles, religious or otherwise when it comes to this issue. OK, may be they have one…

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