Shut me up if you can

We are master tailors

Our design is impeccable

Our editing skills have been honed to perfection

By years of correcting and altering thoughts and true feelings

Manufacturing something lifeless

That bears the stamp of approval

Of people who themselves are manufactured


The flame inside my heart

Is going to be reignited

and spread

I’m going to spread the warmth

and I’m not going to cage it and burn myself

Because your mask would be appalled

Are you going to make fun of me?

Are you going to sneer at me?

Are you going to ostracize me?

Are you going to bid my blood to freeze, my heart to cease?

Even if you were to bring me in for execution

Kneel me before the guillotine

and I was only 20 seconds away from death

And you were stupid enough to give me opportunity for last words

Even then at the threshold of death I would open the floodgate in my heart

And let the spirit of my words haunt everyone witnessing for as long as they live

I’d rather my body dies than my heart

My soul is a canvas full of  cryptic messages.