Fork in the road

fork in the road

I was clueless. In my zealousness to discover myself, I thought the rush of enthusiasm and euphoria was self discovery. Alas!When the highs of these pretty emotions dissipated, my burning drive died down to a barely there flicker and my determination became a vague memory. I couldn’t see where this road took me, I couldn’t see anything at all. So, I placed one foot after the other, occasionally stopping dead in my tracks when my mind would play eerie tricks of the past on me.

Every now and then, I’d find a fork in the road and a lone traveller traversing his path. We’d get acquainted and let stories temporarily blur the stark loneliness for a moment. For a moment I think this is self discovery. Alas! As the painful reality dawns upon me, I realize that in my ingenuousness  I followed this traveller to whither he can’t take me. He continued on his journey, and I stood there confused. It wasn’t my journey. What was my journey again? Where- I turn around and try to find familiarity in my surrounding. Where is my path?

I lost my path when I tried to converge mine into his. I reluctantly accept that my path will forever run parallel and won’t at any point join up with another. Indignantly, I remind myself that I must not let fantasies get in the way of being honest with myself.

Token of lessons lie with the traveller at the fork in the road,which is why the two paths temporarily meet before continuing on their journey. Maybe they can’t converge, but surely they can accompany one another, running parallel to one another?Surely, we can take the fork in the road with us?