Conscious Pain

The searing,scorching,scalding heat

The fervent, merciless flames of consciousness licking away the residue of pretence

The mask of pretence I wore, you wear, everyone wears

I couldn’t see the sun

Gaze upon the stars

Feel the breeze

So I removed it to feel something


Agonizing,harrowing,wrenching pain

I relish in this bitter sweet symphony

Because I can finally see the sunrise

The different hues it cloaks the earth with

The way the stars seem to serenade and celebrate the moon

The way they seem like shy, reclusive young spinsters

Who slowly come out of hiding, gradually

Gaining your trust by your unbroken gaze

Assured that you are an admirer, searcher

If I close my eyes I can almost taste the texture of the breeze

I can almost hear its accent

I can almost trace its origin

Almost, but it swiftly disappears

I can finally search and find

Gaze and wonder

Without looking over my shoulder

The river

The ocean

A whole different world covered by satin

The sheer beauty numbs my pain

As I know I’ve finally made it