Escape to this prison

In the midst of chaos and uncertainty we take to the safest zone we know. And sometimes that zone starts out as a temporary shelter til the storm settles, but other times we lull ourselves into a false sense of security and convince ourselves that the temporary shelter is quite decent as a permanent residence. I mean, getting soaking wet and cold isn’t all that fun. So, we get cozy and warm which is really cool. But we also become life like statues, a simple ornament on the journey of life. We make the stopover; the destination. We forfeit the chance of the adventure of life for some comfort and we stick our heads in the sand to drown out the noise.

Fine, sticking your head in the sand might isolate all the noise, but guess what? It also shields you from the sunlight, from the breeze, from the swaying of the leaves, from seeing trees grow, from watching flowers blossom, from stargazing on a sweltering night you stepped out for some air. But because the noise is so overpowering and you don’t know what to make of it, it becomes so scary that you convince yourself that the sand is cooling and soft. You like the quiet down there. And you have seen enough of sunlight and stars to last you a life time right?

Wrong. You might think you can freeze time, that you can suspend yourself in life until you dare crawl out of your hole but guess what (again)? You might have covered your ears and eyes, but your body remains largely unprotected from the noise ( or the source of it) and just because you ran away and hid from it, doesn’t convince it to disappear. In fact, it’s going to drag you out of that hole and own you. You will be enslaved by it. Because the moment you stick your head in the sand, the fear will own you and it’s the only thing your life will be about; to avoid it and be like a convicted fugitive on the run from facing custody.

The sheer irony though, is that by fearing, you enter the darkest,most horrifying prison. By facing it, not necessarily fighting  it, but only facing it will make the fear shrink until it disappears. The scariest part is to turn towards it and not lie to yourself about its reality.

The scariest part is to read this and know what I’m talking about and not pile on excuses and reasons why your head is still under ground. Despite all the false benefits you told yourself, you forgot one thing: there is no oxygen underground and no matter how you stretch the truth; you’ll suffocate.

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