Most people fear speaking their mind, being completely honest. Most think it’s because they don’t want to ‘offend’ the person. Bull. The only real reason is one of self-preservation, a self-serving agenda. Surprised?Don’t be.We are wired that way.

The only real reason why we bite our tongue and push back the bubbles of hot served opinions coming up from the gut for air is that if you tell someone the truth, then you have to hear the truth. Not only are your ears closest to your mouth, but a great gift like that is bound to be repaid, no? No, as a fugitive escaping the truth, you can’t risk that. Birds of a feather flock together. You and your chosen companion are shadows hiding from the light.

It’s one thing being a… vampire, but it’s another to believe, convince yourself that your bloodsucking is as worthy a cause as blood donations.