My sensitivity aint too sensitive. This world too fraudulent, tryna bury the souls in the dirt you’re hiding in. I devote my life to exposing each and every one of ya, believe this. I’m in for the long haul, l ain’t lying.

No bueno

What good is good if it won’t outlast and outlive evil, if it won’t bloom defying evil to its face?

Chain of command

Only Allaah can integrate and fuse together our fragmented consciousness. But through remaining aware without resistance we can receive the healing presence that would cure our neurosis. It’d bring together the warring factions of body, mind and soul. It’d bridge the gap between thoughts and heart. No amount of trying to figure it out through analysis or rationalization can create this. This is divine creativity at work, the same dynamic that created you and me. It’s a mystery to accept and honour by not trying to possess or control it as a way to bypass surrender. Surrendering in the face of fear is putting down your weapon first. It’s a risk and you may expose yourself to being shot but you’re not surrendering to the hostile reality, you’re surrendering to the creator of realities to whom all belong. In that light, it’s a sacrifice and an act of the ultimate trust to give up your survival for the revival of your heart.

Failure is my ally

Truth separates and distinguishes and love brings together and connects. It’s imperative that before you attempt to create a romantic partnership/union, you see the truth and let that be what you discern by.

Attempting to bypass or ignore something that’s incongruent with you just because you think this relationship will make up for the shortcomings ( the tired “no one’s perfect” cliché) is to split away from your reality and escape your heart. And whatever isn’t built on holistic awareness and unconditional presence is bound to fail. What was created from an inner split or turmoil will come full circle and end in split or turmoil. There’s no way to avoid or evade your truth so if you want lasting love, give up everything that doesn’t resonate with you no matter how inconsequential the dereliction seems. When you honour your heart deeply you’ll be blessed with someone who does just that. But the truth is indispensable. The truth is indestructible.


As long as you remain present with your pain you’re in communion with the divine wisdom that commissioned it.

The burning bush

Pain is the pathway to Jannah. It’s where you discover God. Your purpose isn’t written in the stars, it’s writ large upon your scars.

I will no longer push

I enmeshed and merged my trauma and the cause/source of it to cope. The most difficult part in this healing process is taking back the pain and integrating it through awareness in order to completely separate from the reality in which it arose.

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