At 28, I used to think I’d be a stay-at-home mum of two. Instead I became an agoraphobic. I stay at home to look after my sanity. 😁


When you look at yourself and your life and you feel disappointed or discontented, don’t change what you see, change how you see. You may think it’s justified or even necessary to change what you don’t like, but keep in mind that your actions are secondary to, and an offshoot of your perception ; i. e. what fuels your focus. If your actions are borne out of a negative feeling, that means your perception either lacks truth or love. When you come from a place of unconditionality, i.e. abundance, then you won’t have to wait until the external changes for you to feel good and complete.

Holding on

True intimacy starts by staying present with your feelings without thoughts as intermediaries. Don’t translate the feeling, experience it.

1:41 am

True love makes you feel closer to God. It imbues you with a clean and crisp feeling of clarity. Congruence. Not one detail, not one feeling is out of place. There’s no pause when you think about him. No vague gnawing at the back of your mind you find yourself swatting away, trying to iron out the dissonance before it becomes too pronounced. You keep asking yourself, how is it possible that this kind of person exists? Not because of how they make you feel but the fact that their perspective on life restores innocence in you and it feels like a gust of wind passing through your gut. You remember what you once held in your heart but was buried by sandstorms of cynicism and a skeptical world. And you learn more about yourself just through observing them. Their heart is a kaleidoscope that reflects the unique colours of your soul that you forgot existed. Nostalgic reminders, is there such a thing? That’s him. He’s made me a better woman and he doesn’t even know it.

Be quiet


/not having the earth as the center of an orb/

Explains why I’ve always felt otherworldly. My axis isn’t based on any subculture, genre, fashion, politics. It’s internal, and that’s all I know. It’s instinctual, spontaneous, fluid, non-verbal, and unrelenting.

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